Types Of Care At Home Programs

Many patients need active care at home. There are different types of programs a family can choose from, specifically for a condition or ailment and every approach is further personalized to accomplish the desired objectives. Here is a brief overview of the general types of care at home programs.

• Home care can be strictly confined to the personal needs of a patient and nothing more. A person may need help with daily chores, including being fed and generally taken care of. The scope of care may extend to include housekeeping. Companionship is usually common in most types of care at home program. Medical assistance is not always included but it can definitely be taken into account. The choice of caregiver will be influenced accordingly.

• The number of hours a caregiver will spend at the home of a patient will be the next important factor. Caregivers can spend a few hours, usually during the day. It is common for patients to need daylong care. There is live-in care that is typically round the clock. The same caregiver may stay at the home of the patient or there may be two caregivers covering twelve-hour shifts. It is also possible to contract a company that has a team of caregivers and there will be a roster. The same solution does not suit every patient or the family. There are situational demands that have to be taken care of.

• There is another classification of different types of care at home programs. This is specifically related to the medical aspect of the program. Patients may need daily nursing care, special medical assistance or help with recovery and the service may be palliative. These are crucial considerations and they will always be dictated by the condition of the patient and the extent to which a family can be involved with the day-to-day care.