The Reason why Live-In Care has to be Bespoke

There is no generic approach to live-in care. The service has to be bespoke, regardless of the expertise or experience of the caregiver. A family member deciding on behalf of the person who needs to be cared for should always explore every little detail and agree to a thoroughly planned approach. The caregiver has to be in the loop from the very outset to chalk out this bespoke plan. There is a rather simple reason why live-in care has to be bespoke and it applies to everyone.

Live-in care usually covers attending to the personal needs of a person, companionship, and housekeeping. It should be noted that live-in care does not necessarily include medical or nursing assistants. It is only when a special need arises or if such a provision is required from the start that the plan will include medical intervention and any type of nursing assistance depending on the condition of the patient. Personal care, which is usually the most common need, has to be customized. There cannot be a generic approach as the needs will vary greatly from one person to another. Companionship is also a unique reality. Not everyone needs the same level of companionship. Also, caregivers specialize in different kinds of companionship. Housekeeping requirements will also vary from one scenario to another.

The scope, specific details and of course the financial implications of personal care, companionship and housekeeping will vary. A standard estimate is not relevant for everyone owing to the bespoke nature of live-in care. It is imperative for a family to delve into the full spectrum of services of caregivers so it is possible to personalize the care and attention. Some families may not need a caregiver to attend to housekeeping. Some families may not need a caregiver to be a companion of the patient but personal care may be necessary. There is no other way but a bespoke approach to live-in care.