A Checklist to Choose the Best Dementia Home Care

Dementia home care should be meticulously chosen as that can have far-reaching consequences pertaining to the health of the patient and more importantly the regulation or worsening of the symptoms. Dementia is a progressive condition and hence care should be taken to limit its deterioration. Here is a checklist to choose the best dementia home care.


  • You should always choose a licensed and accredited facility. You can work with social services in your area to find the accredited and licensed facilities. You may choose a resident care facility, a daycare program, an assisted living centre or a nursing home that specialises in caring for people with dementia. You may also choose hospice care for terminally ill patients. Daycare centres are only relevant if the family can take care of their loved one after work or in the evening and through the night. It is best to consider resident facilities for dementia home care. Changing the setting frequently does not augur well for such patients.


  • You should verify the qualifications of the care, nursing and support staff. Those who would be assisting only with the daily tasks do not need any medical degree or equivalent qualification. They can be experienced in assisted living. The nursing staff should have appropriate medical degrees. Those who attend to special care needed by people with dementia should have enough firsthand experience of working in similar roles. This is a specialisation and not a normal routine of a caregiver.


  • Touring the facility of dementia home care is obviously a prerequisite. Focus on cleanliness, spaciousness, onsite facilities and the ambience. You should be absolutely satisfied with the facility. If there are certain things that worry you or make you feel uncomfortable, speak about those issues and have them addressed before you make a decision. Do not turn down a facility for something that is unsubstantiated but do not compel yourself to choose one that you are not entirely happy with.


  • The room is of as much importance as the general facility. There could be shared rooms and private rooms. Some patients with dementia need private rooms as they do better in isolation. Some people may not like isolation. You should be able to choose at the dementia home care facility and you will also pay accordingly as well.


  • Always prioritise security of the dementia home care facility. Do not choose a centre that does not seem to be secure and if there is no proactive plan in times of different kinds of emergencies.