Choose the Right Kind of Live-In Dementia Care

Dementia is a complicated disorder. In fact, it is not a disorder or any specific condition. Dementia is a group of different conditions, all associated with cognitive functions. Almost all kinds of dementia are confined to loss of memory and errors in judgement. Two specific brain functions are impaired to varying degrees and the exact … [Read more…]

The Importance of Live-In Dementia Care

Live-in dementia care is almost imperative. The only scenario where you should consider an alternative is if you do not need someone to stay round the clock or if you find a more affordable option and you do not find the cost of a live-in caregiver to be reasonable. Otherwise, there is no pragmatic alternative … [Read more…]

Live In Dementia Care

With live-in dementia care, you are bringing someone into your home. If you are seeking this form of care for yourself, it stands to reason that you have some concerns. After all, live-in care for those with dementia means bringing someone into your own home. It just makes sense to want complete peace of mind. … [Read more…]