The Priorities of End of Life Care

End of life care is more specific than hospice care. Hospice care is appropriate for terminally ill and chronically ill patients. Both will need certain levels of assistance but the individual’s specific needs would vary considerably. Terminally ill patients are often told how long they have and their end of life care must be planned … [Read more…]

A Checklist to Choose the Best Dementia Home Care

Dementia home care should be meticulously chosen as that can have far-reaching consequences pertaining to the health of the patient and more importantly the regulation or worsening of the symptoms. Dementia is a progressive condition and hence care should be taken to limit its deterioration. Here is a checklist to choose the best dementia home … [Read more…]

Dementia Care must be Extensively Personalised

Every type of condition led care should be personalised. This is a prerequisite. Some conditions are easier to manage for the nursing and support staff. A few medical conditions have a smaller range of symptoms and the level of assistance needed by the patients may be nominal. Some medical conditions have a vast range of … [Read more…]

Live In Dementia Care

With live-in dementia care, you are bringing someone into your home. If you are seeking this form of care for yourself, it stands to reason that you have some concerns. After all, live-in care for those with dementia means bringing someone into your own home. It just makes sense to want complete peace of mind. … [Read more…]

What You Should Know About End Of Life Care

Also known as palliative care, end of life care services is designed for the last stages of an individual’s life. More specifically, it is designed to work in cooperation with the end stages of a life that involves such conditions as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and other debilitating diseases. During the end stages of someone’s life … [Read more…]